Meet Dj Qudikent The Bad Producer - (Full Profile)

Shaibu AbdulQudus popularly known as Qudikent.

He was born on 5th. 2nd 1995 and he loved production since when he was a kid. He passed through many stresses just to become a producer. But his parent accept it just because of the love they had for him.
Because he was the only son they had with two daughters.
He learn production in tender age. When he was in primary school.

He attended St. Joseph Nursery & Primary school Okene.
Back then He was eager to be a member of the Guys that belongs to the Drumset Group. Just because he loved anything Production.

He have surffered and work hard to get all his instrument selfmade. But then there are even set of people that was busy mocking him then.

That his not worthy to be a Producer. But today his praising God that his now a producer. #Test and verify His talent.

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